Brussels Warns Against EU Fatigue Over Ukraine War

EU officials warned against shrinking European Union support for Ukraine, as the bloc’s foreign ministers agreed Monday to earmark half-a-billion more dollars in military aid to Kyiv and consider banning imports of Russian gold. 

European foreign policy chief Josep Borrell warned against what he called “democratic fatigue” which Russia would try to exploit.

“European societies cannot afford fatigue,” he said. “European societies and European Union member states, governments have to continue standing behind the decisions they have taken. They took decisions on restrictive measures on the Russian economy and they have to stick to it.”

Borrell insisted energy and other sanctions the bloc has taken against Moscow are working — although experts note Russia continues to rake in billions selling its oil and gas elsewhere.

“The Russian economy is severely affected. Certainly, it’s not going to stop the war overnight, but the consequences of the sanctions will create a lot of economic trouble to Russia,” Borrell said.

Analysts warn of fading EU support for more tough sanctions amid worries about rising consumer prices and a cold winter ahead, with less Russian oil and gas.

Germany is also feeling the more immediate fallout of a recent Russian gas pipeline cut, ostensibly for maintenance reasons.


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