Pew: US Seen More Favorably Than China Among Advanced Economies

A recent Pew Research survey among 17 advanced economies shows the global opinion of the United States has improved, while the view of China continues to be mostly negative. Both countries experienced historically low ratings in a similar poll last year. South Korea has the highest positive view of the U.S., with 77% having a positive view. In Italy, Japan, France and the United Kingdom, about two-thirds of those polled viewed the U.S. positively. “These broadly positive views reflect a significant shift since last summer, when ratings of the U.S. were at or near historic lows in most countries,” Pew said in a press release. With China, the numbers are almost the reverse, with Japan having an 88% negative view of China, Sweden having an 80% negative view, Australia having a 78% negative view and South Korea having a 77% negative view.  NEW: #China failing to win over publics in many advanced economiesA median of 69% in 17 countries have unfavorable views of #Beijing, per— Jeff Seldin (@jseldin) June 30, 2021In each of the 17 countries, “in many cases a large majority” say #China fails to respect personal freedoms”The sense that China does not respect the personal freedoms of its people is also at or near historic highs in most publics surveyed” per— Jeff Seldin (@jseldin) June 30, 2021Pew said China’s numbers are nearly unchanged from last year’s historic lows. Singapore was the only country surveyed where a majority, 64%, had a favorable view of China. The Pew survey also found that half or more in each country said strong economic ties with the U.S. were more important than with China. Singapore and New Zealand were exceptions. The surveys were conducted between February 1, 2021, to May 26, 2021, and included 18,850 respondents. 

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