The Rundown — September 29

RFE/RL in the Media


# Ilya Somin shares his interview to Russian-language Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on the legality of US military intervention against ISIS, WP

# 100 couples marry in a mass wedding in Daikundi province,



# In Kabul, Cuomo Seeks Insights on Terrorism, NYT

# John Kerry praises Abdullah and Ghani as Afghanistan’s struggles continue, Guardian

# Afghanistan will delay paying civil servants, WP

# Give Pakistan Back – Muhammad Tahir-Ul Qadari, NYT

# The Rise of Lashkar-e-Taiba: A Q&A with Arif Jamal, FP



# Azerbaijan Doesn’t Want To Be Western, Foreign Affairs



# Give diplomacy in Iraq a chance – editorial, Independent

# The War Against ISIS: Operation Fingers Crossed, Time

# The Intellectual Battle Against ISIS, Project Syndicate

# US and UK involvement in Iraq explained in 60 seconds, Telegraph

# 7 in 10 U.S. Troops Oppose Boots on the Ground in Iraq – poll,

# Iraq Army Woos Deserters Back to War on ISIS, NYT

# Top Obama Official: This Will Not Be Another Iraq War, Huffington Post

# Iraq crisis: ‘Every single Christian wants to leave’, Telegraph

# Iraq air strikes: Syria missions still an option says Defence Secretary as RAF jets fail to find targets, Independent



# Impasse Over Iran’s Nuclear Program, NYT

# ISIL Is Not a Reason to Cozy Up to Iran – Ted Cruz, Politico

# Congress must vote on any Iran deal – Jennifer Rubin, WP

# The West is Getting Desperate in the Iran Nuclear Negotiations, FP

# Iran nuclear talks: ‘Time is running out’ for agreement, President warns, Independent

# Iran prays for rain amid acute water shortage, LAT

# Iran state TV accuses BBC of document theft from government archives, Guardian

# Iran Makes the Rules – editorial, WSJ

# Let’s Make a Deal, FP



# Russian Credibility on Ukraine Low at U.N. Meeting, FP

# A Look Inside the ‘Closed Cities’ Where Russia Tested the Effects of Nuclear Radiation on Human Subjects, Newsweek

# Russia Wants to Win at the Oscars With an Anti-Russian Film, Time

# From Bentleys to fish, Russia’s economy feels sanctions’ sting, FT

# 15 Global Firms Hit by Russia’s Law Limiting Foreign Ownership of Media, MT

# Russian Diplomat’s Speech Depicts the West as Hypocritical, NYT

# Russia’s Sergei Lavrov: the US cannot change the cold war in its ‘genetic code’, Guardian



# EU says No to Russia on rewriting Ukraine pact, EU Observwr

# In Russia-held Crimea, some prosper, others fear for their future, LA Times

# German Foreign Minister Steinmeier Sees No Quick Solution to Ukraine Crisis, WSJ

# Ukrainian Crowds Topple Lenin Statue (Again), Forbes

# Putin tells Russian banks to stay in Ukraine,

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