Hong Kong Police Tear Gas Huge Crowd of Protesters

Police in riot gear continue to face off with political protestors in Hong Kong after an overnight sit-in escalated on Sunday.

Tear gas did not deter tens of thousands of demonstrators who have gathered to demand democratic reforms from the city and Beijing.

One student protestor called on the government to address days of demonstrations.

“I really hope that the government can come out to face the people,” said Jamma, a student protester. “We have experienced five days of boycott of classes and two nights occupying here, we are not here to make disorder but to urge the government to face the people and students.”

Many in the crowd are chanting slogans from beneath surgical masks to protect against further chemical spray.

The clashes came shortly after Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said the government will launch a new round of talks on electoral reform. He gave no timeframe for consultations.

The demonstrators are part of a mass civil disobedience movement calling for less political intervention from Beijing in the former British colony.

Pro-democracy activists were outraged after China ruled all candidates for the 2017 vote must be approved by a pro-Beijing committee.

After months of threatening a massive sit-in, organizers of “Occupy Central with Love and Peace” said early Sunday that the occupation of the streets outside government headquarters had officially begun.

The announcement came hours after riot police in Hong Kong arrested dozens of student protesters who forced their way into government headquarters late Saturday.

Authorities used pepper spray to disperse the protesters and hauled away those who refused to leave the square.  

Outside the grounds, a large crowd of fellow students chanted at police and demanded that they stop arresting their comrades.

Police said several people suffered minor injuries in the clashes.

Thousands of university students abandoned classes all week to take part in the pro-democracy campaign.



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