The Rundown — September 25

RFE/RL in the Media


# Brno firm making smart TV app for RFE/RL, Prague Post

# Corruption Currents: From Expat Complaints to Whistleblowing’s Cost, WSJ



# Security Pact Will Be Signed After Afghan President Is Inaugurated, Official Says, NYT

# Will Afghanistan’s new leader settle the country’s relations with the U.S.?, WP

# Rebuild Afghanistan’s Giant Buddhas? Foot-Shaped Pillars Give Legs to Debate, WSJ

# Afghan Voters Choose a Better Future, Huffington Post

# Ghani will be tested on multiple fronts in newly unified Afghanistan, Chicago Tribune

# Dr Muhammad Shakeel Auj: Islamic scholar murdered in Pakistan due to his liberal views, Independent



# A Terror Cell That Avoided the Spotlight, NYT

# U.S. strikes in Syria against al-Qaeda’s Khorasan group kill one of its leaders, WP

# ISIS’ Harsh Brand of Islam Is Rooted in Austere Saudi Creed, NYT

# We must play our part in the fight against Isis, Independent


Eastern Europe

# Belarus demands from Russia to set off oil refineries’ losses,



# Azerbaijan: BP Should Address Crackdown, HRW


Central Asia

# Kazakhstan balanced between Ukraine and post-NATO Afghanistan, Reuters

# Germany offers Kazakhstan partnership to form logistics base in its ports, Turkish Weekly

# Kazakhstan: Is Sanctions-Hit Kremlin Dragging Astana Down?,

# Ablyazov Extradition Battle to Resume Thursday in France, WSJ



# Iranian President Praises Cooperation in New York, NYT

# A Year of Iranian ‘Moderation’, WSJ

# David Cameron says Iran can be ‘part of solution’ in Syria after historic talks, Telegraph

# Iran’s president blames Islamic State rise on U.S. invasion of Iraq, The State

# Interpreting Iran’s Mixed Messages, WSJ



# Russia May Get Cold Shoulder From Europe in Looming Gas Wars, Newsweek

# At the U.N. General Assembly, Obama Zaps Russia’s Sneak Invasion of Ukraine, Newsweek

# Putin’s Cyberphobia, Foreign Policy

# World Bank Slashes Russian Growth Forecasts, WSJ

# Russia Plans to Partially Ban Skype — Again, Moscow Times

# Russian Court Delays Hearing to Contest Yevtushenkov House Arrest, WSJ

# Russia and the Precedent Problem, National Interest



# Ukraine Picks Motley Group to Exchange for Prisoners, NYT

# Ukraine’s Lost Trade Opportunity, WSJ

# Is Ukraine another bottomless pit?, The Hill

# Lithuania: EU Compromise on Ukraine Pact Isn’t Right Step, WSJ

# Ukraine PM asks West to not to ease sanctions on Russia, Telegraph

# Borderland: Ukraine’s Dilemma, New Yorker

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