The Rundown — September 12

RFE/RL in the Media


# Read Nenad Pejic in “Roll Call” responding to criticism of RFE/RL’s lack of propaganda in Azerbaijan

# RFE/RL Kyrgyz Service cited by Eurasianet on arbitration suits in Kyrgyzstan

# RFE/RL mentioned in Daily Signal piece about broadcasting reform




# White House announces new Russia sanctions

# Mark Galeotti on what Putin is thinking and doing

# What’s worse than Putin?

# Russia “seriously concerned” about IS



# The alarming new Ukraine crisis map

# Ukraine begins building wall at Russian border

# HRW: Questions and answers about the laws of war in Ukraine

# Very detailed Ukraine crisis timeline


Eastern Europe

# As of June, a rise in positive perceptions of the EU among Moldovans 



# “Obama’s Unauthorized War” – David Cole, “New York Review of Books” 

# The new template for U.S. counter-terrorism 

# By limiting U.S. goals is Obama making eventual withdrawal less likely?

# Quiz: Which Iraq war are you?



# Tehran slams coalition announced in Obama’s speech; backs efforts to form unity government 

# Iran trial for “Happy” video begins

# “What Might Happen If Iran Becomes America’s Covert Ally?” – Hanna Kowlowska, “New York Times” 

# “What Did My Government Do When I Was Taken Hostage in Iran?” – Shane Bauer, “Mother Jones” 



# “The Only Choice Left For Afghanistan” – Ioannis Koskinas, Foreign Policy

# Afghanistan: “at risk of a two-headed government” 

# Is Pakistan’s blasphemy law being abused?

# Anti-Taliban cleric rises on message of peace in Pakistan


Central Asia

# Rattled by Russian expansionism, Tashkent looks east


Of Interest

# Paper: A study of liveblogs

# BBC’s pop-up bureaus 

# White Castle remembers 9/11

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