The Rundown — September 11

RFE/RL in the Media

# Central Asia Online quotes RFE/RL Turkmen Service on Afghan-Turkmens

# Former RFE/RL reporter quoted in Bloomberg article about post-Communist titans buying up media



# Exclusive: “Newsweek” talks to Russian soldiers serving in Ukraine

# Russian nationalists join Scottish “Yes” campaign in droves

# Putin takes over Russian military industrial complex

# Gazprom limits Polish gas supplies




# “Peace on Putin’s Terms” – Joshua Yaffa, “Foreign Affairs” 

# Is ceasefire just a “politically useful fiction?” 

# The Neo-Nazi Azov battalion: Ukraine’s “greatest weapon” and “greatest threat”

# Ukrainian villages torn apart by violence after MH17 crash


Eastern Europe

# Belarus becomes gourmet hub for Moscow chefs



# One “incredibly revealing line” from Obama’s speech; Obama’s 6-point plan

# “Obama Wants a Blank Check to Fight ISIS—and Congress Is Ready to Give It to Him” – Josh Rogin, Tim Mack, Daily Beast

# Can IS actually be destroyed?

# What’s next for the Syrian regime’s non-state allies?



# Tehran’s boots on the ground

# Many Iranians think IS is “an American invention”



# Ghani not yet declared winner, but begins outlining plans for new government 

# Afghanistan accuses U.S. of killing civilians in airstrike

# Sharif’s predicament shows the power of the deep state in Pakistan

# Death toll in India and Pakistan reaches 400



# “Russia’s Next Land Grab” – Brenda Shaffer, “New York Times” 

# Israeli defense minister in Azerbaijan


Central Asia

# “Islamic Caliphate for Kazakhstan: Disturbing Signs and Signals” – Zhulduz Baizakova, Jamestown Foundation


Of Interest

# Most ill-advised use of hashtag ever?

# Take Picture

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