In Decades-Long White House Tradition, Biden Pardons Turkeys

A day after his 80th birthday, President Joe Biden took part in a tradition that began 75 years ago — the pardoning of Thanksgiving turkeys.

This year’s lucky birds: Chocolate and Chip, both weighing about 21 kilograms each, were raised on a North Carolina ranch. During the ceremony, Biden said the holiday is all about coming together during tough times.

“That’s what the Thanksgiving tradition is all about, being grateful for what we have and grateful for fellow Americans who we may never meet but who …

At that point, the president was interrupted by one of the turkeys gobbling.

“There you go,” Biden said, “they’re grateful.”

The Thanksgiving meal is when tens of millions of American families reunite — and to the dread of some there is frequently talk of politics, leading to heated exchanges across the table reflecting the polarized nation.

Some will argue about who to blame for why the holiday meal and travel is more expensive this year compared to last Thanksgiving.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Agriculture Department, inflation combined with a turkey shortage — due to an outbreak of avian influenza — has resulted in more than a 20 percent rise for the cost of the birds in supermarkets this November.

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