The Rundown — September 24

RFE/RL in the Media


# RFE/RL to go worldwide on smart TVs,

# BBG Names Andy Lack CEO,

# Mikhail Khodorkovsky will also be a guest of Forum 2000 in October,



# In Farewell Speech, Karzai Calls American Mission in Afghanistan a Betrayal, NYT

# Is this the death of democracy in Afghanistan? – Helena Malikyar, Al-Jazeera

# Hamid Karzai: ‘Foreigners’ control Afghanistan’s destiny, LAT

# The new boss — or bosses — in Afghanistan, Chicago Tribune

# Tumultuous birth of Afghanistan’s power sharing accord, BBC

# Why Pakistan’s militants can still strike at will, BBC

# The Islamic State Is Spreading Into Pakistan, New Republic

# Pakistan’s New Top Spy Once Suggested Peace With India, The Daily Beast

# Pakistan Plans to Sell Stake in Oil & Gas Development, WSJ



# Syria air strikes: Iran ‘says US attacks on Isis are illegal’, Independent

# Demand that Russia and Iran Pressure Assad to Step Down – Bassma Kodmani, NYT

# Iran’s president says arrest of Washington Post reporter not a sign of internal power struggle, WP

# Cameron And Rouhani: How Iran And The West Will Become Uneasy Friends Again, Forbes

# Iran Sees Oil Prices Falling to $90 a Barrel By Late March, WSJ

# Ghoncheh Ghavami’s brother pleads with Iranian president to free sister, Guardian



# Ten Percent of Western Recruits to ISIS are Women, National Interest

# The Danger ISIS Represents: “It has to be fought differently…”, National Interest

# In Airstrikes, U.S. Targets Militant Cell Said to Plot an Attack Against the West, NYT

# Iraq stymied probe into military contractor kickbacks, WT

# U.S. Bombing Campaign in Syria and Iraq: Strategic and Legal Ramifications – Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

# US strikes target Isis in Syria but Pentagon insists focus remains on Iraq, Guardian

# U.S. Strikes Haven’t Beaten ISIS in Iraq. Can They Do So in Syria?, FP



# Journalist ‘attacks’ attacker: Ilgar Nasibov, AI

# Saakashvili Faces Botox Charges, Loses Property,


Central Asia

# Prosecutors Deny Holding Gulnara’s Daughter Captive,

# Arbitration Reveals How Turkmenistan Plays Chicken with Investors,



# EU Set for New Clash with Russia over Ukraine Pact, WSJ

# Russia Moves to Extend Control of Media, NYT



# NATO: Russia Has Withdrawn Many Troops From Ukraine, WSJ

# Ukraine crisis: Rebels declare early poll date, BBC

# Lawlessness in eastern Ukraine, DW

# Weapons for Ukraine will aid struggling democracy, – Trudy Rubin, Boston Herald

# In Ukraine, Winter Is Coming, The Daily Beast

# Ukraine’s deal with the separatists is a step backwards – Lawrence Korb and Taras Garapiak, The Hill

# Ukraine May Need Far More Foreign Aid to Rescue Its Economy, WSJ

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