The Rundown — September 18

RFE/RL in the Media

# YahooNews uses RFE/RL Balkans video of flooding in Serbia 

# The Blaze uses Li Luo’s map of foreign fighter’s in Syria 



# Moscow calls eastern Ukraine special status laws “a step in the right direction” 

# One million civil servants to be screened for corruption 

# “Ghosts of the Maidan” – Michael Weiss, Foreign Policy 

# “Time to Give Ukraine Defensive Weapons”- Steven Pifer and Strobe Talbott, CNN



# Russia and Egypt sign preliminary $3.5 billion arms deal 

# How Bulgaria and Interpol are helping Vladimir Putin imprison European citizens 

# Russia “extremism” cases double, largely Internet-related

# “Russia is Our Most Dangerous Neighbor” – Martin Wolf, “Financial Times” 

# “Tycoon’s Arrest Sends Shock Wave Through Russia” – Nataliya Vasilyeva, AP


Eastern Europe

# “Food fest” in Belarus following sanctions

# “Belarus And Poland: Brought Together By Russian Sanctions?” – Paula Borowska, Belarus Digest 



# Kurds retake seven Christian villages 

# Rand Paul spreads McCain/IS meeting hoax 

# Obama plans to tightly control strikes in Syria (counterinsurgency in Iraq/counterterrorism in Syria?)

# Militants under growing pressure 



# “Happy” dancers sentenced to  six months and 91 lashes 

# Iran detains UK citizen over ban on women watching sports alongside men

# Breakthrough in New York nuclear talks “unlikely” 

# Zarif says any deal is better than nothing 


# “Washington Post” editorial: Afghanistan stability depends on Abdullah-Ghani deal 

# Seventh journalist killed in Afghanistan this year 

# An interview with a Taliban insider 

# Pakistan airstrikes kill 40 militants near border with Afghanistan 

# Pakistan economy battered by floods and political unrest 



# Kosovo imams held in raids on IS recruitment 

# Footage of Bosnian children in Syria 

# Sarajevo creates unit to catch stray dogs 


Of Interest

# Scotland was once “Europe’s Afghanistan,” says Niall Ferguson

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