The Rundown — September 15

RFE/RL in the Media


# Abubakar Siddique’s “The Pashtun Question” reviewed by Daniel Sewer 

# Index on Censorship quotes Emily Thompson’s piece on censorship fears in Macedonia

# Yahoo News uses RFE/RL footage of Islamabad protesters



# Moscow city elections symbol of decline of Russian opposition

# Dutch organize tomato fight to protest Russia sanctions

# On Scotland vote, Russia’s a yes, China’s a no

# Dozhd journalist hospitalized after street attack 

# “It’s Time to Back Away from the Russian Wolf” – Tony Brenton, “Telegraph” 



# Despite “cease-fire,” heavy fighting kills at least six on Sunday

# Party of Regions to boycott parliamentary elections

# Crimeans vote in Russian elections

# Defense minister says NATO countries have begun arms deliveries to Ukraine



# New Iraq PM says no more airstrikes on civilian areas 

# Foreigners in Al-Qaeda’s Syrian cell said to be planning attacks on West

# “The Three Types of People Who Fight for ISIS” – Graeme Wood, “New Republic” 

# “Exclusive: ISIS Starts Recruiting in Istanbul’s Vulnerable Suburbs” – Alev Scott and Alexander Christie-Miller, “Newsweek” 

# A 14-year-old Yazidi girl tells her story of escape



# U.S. seeking to exclude Iran from group fighting IS; Iran’s mixed feelings about cooperation

# Jailed for watching volleyball in Iran



# Afghanistan gets a really big flag

# Suicide in Afghanistan outpaces murder and war deaths

# Pakistan rejects Afghan criticism of border trench

# Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) claims two Pakistan attacks 

# Pakistan protest talks deadlocked following arrests 



# Will NATO build military bases in Azerbaijan?


Of Interest

# The death of adulthood

# Seven-minute workout 

# Verbal tics 

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