Merkel Vows to Fight Anti-Semitism in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to combat anti-Semitism in an address to a rally following an increase in attacks against Jews in Germany during the latest Gaza conflict.

Speaking Sunday at the demonstration called “Stand Up: Jew Hatred – Never Again!” at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate, Merkel stressed Jewish life is part of Germany’s identity and culture.  

She said it is Germany’s national and civic duty to fight anti-Semitism.

Merkel said anyone who attacks someone for wearing a skullcap “is hitting us all.” 

Jews question safety

She said it hurts her to hear of Jewish parents questioning whether they can raise their children in Germany.  She said she wants Jews to feel safe in Germany.

German President Joachim Gauck and the president of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, also attended the rally.

The killing of at least 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany remains a source of shame for the country 75 years after the outbreak of World War II.

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