The Rundown — September 9

RFE/RL in the Media

# Golnaz Esfandiari story about a female editor accused of promoting feminism carried by the “Guardian” and cited by Huffington Post, Harvard Kennedy School and Al Arabiya

# Read Golnaz Esfandiari’s story about hardliner outrage over Internet humor in Informed Comment

# “USA Today” cites RFE/RL reporting on Russia sanctions

# Yahoo News uses RFE/RL video of protest in Islamabad 

# “Central Asia Magazine” writes about RFE/RL Turkmen Service’s contribution to free media in Turkmenistan



# UN says conflict death toll now above 3,000

# Russia aims to choke off gas re-exports to Ukraine

# A victory rally held in Donetsk



# BBC investigative report says Russians controlled Buk that shot down MH17

# “Putin’s Crimea Is a Big Anti-Gay Casino” – Anna Nemtsova, Daily Beast

# “Give Diplomacy With Russia a Chance” – Jack Matlock, Thomas Pickering, James Collins, “New York Times” 

# Putin’s “guerrilla strategy” 



# Iraq swears in new parliament

# Still captive, Yazidi girl tells reporter over the phone of horrors as IS sex slave

# Captured IS fighter is Chinese

# Baghdad bureau chief’s Reddit AMA



# Detente on the horizon between Iran and Saudi Arabia?

# Why Kissinger may be wrong about Iran

# Rohani criticizes strict enforcement of the veil 



# Former U.S. envoy under investigation for money laundering

# Fears of Taliban backlash in Kandahar 

# Floods kill hundreds in India and Pakistan

# Pakistan’s dueling military cultures


Central Asia

# Why is oil-rich Kazakhstan out of gasoline?

# Uzbekistan tightens screws on bloggers



# “New York Times” collects documents on Azerbaijan and think tanks 

# Baku, Kyiv discuss supplies of Azerbaijani oil to Ukrainian refineries


Of Interest

# Shanghai to San Francisco in two hours


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